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Seattle Backpackers Enjoy Gourmet Trail Coffee


Members of the Seattle Backpackers Club, an outdoor hiking enthusiast group that hosts regular meetings and weekend adventures in the Seattle area, were recently introduced to Nature’s Coffee Kettle products during one of their May gatherings. The club learned first hand about many of the coffee’s unique features including its lightweight, compact reusable packaging that makes it an ideal companion on any backpacking trip. Those in attendance were also able to choose from a variety of Nature’s Coffee Kettle beverages to sample.

"What a great evening. Now we have an excuse to get up early and have coffee ready for the rest of the group," stated Cameron Ownbey, owner of Seattle Backpackers Magazine and Co-Organizer of the Seattle Backpackers Club.

Nature’s Coffee Kettle is also being noticed by other avid outdoor enthusiasts who are refusing to sacrifice quality coffee on their adventures off the beaten path. Luke Clayton of Catfish Radio, Jim Miller of Tex-Mex Outdoors and Todd Toven, Rocky Mountain Meat Hunter, are just a few of the notable outdoorsmen who have recently become regular users of Nature’s Coffee Kettle products.

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